Do you know that 62% of all the dialysis machines in the world have contributions from our team members?​

From developing cutting-edge dialysis machines (and revolutionizing the practice of dialysis) to helping build the 44 billion dollar dialysis businesses in North America, BYONYKS’ team boasts a proven track record of innovation, excellence, and success.

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In the realm of dialysis, this visionary team has not followed the trends but forged them. Their leadership sparked the commercialization of Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) with the groundbreaking the Baxter HomeChoice device. Home Choice Pro is the most profitable device in the history of Baxter. This device and CAPD program envision and lead by Rod Kenley change the world of nephrology for ever!

Pioneers in home-only patient-focused dialysis, Larry Day and Dr. Andrew King epitomized the team’s commitment to accessible care. The Aksys PHD, a fully integrated Daily Hemo Device, showcased its technical leadership, revolutionizing dialysis processes. Rod raised $270 MM, led this company to IPO, and later, its technology was acquired by Baxter.
The team’s innovation continued with Amia, a smaller and lighter APD device, and the industry-altering Sharesource, boasting 66 million treatments and a 77% reduction in technique failure.

Their passionate journey has not only transformed dialysis but has also left an indelible mark on patient care. They are driven to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, to never be satisfied with the status quo, and to always work for the patients living with renal disease.

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In the vibrant heart of Lahore, a team ablaze with passion has ignited a revolution in dialysis innovation. Formed through a distinctive recruitment approach, this group is a magnet for top talents, offering not just fair compensation but a landscape of profound opportunities. Their impact transcends local borders, earning widespread acclaim and prestigious awards for propelling medical device development to unprecedented realms.

Draped in ISO certifications, the team undergoes rigorous training, embodying a commitment to excellence that pulses through every project. Their fully certified manufacturing hub isn’t just a facility; it’s a crucible of creativity birthing devices, disposables, and avant-garde disinfection processes. These aren’t merely devices—they’re dynamic entities actively engaging in the daily rhythm of dialyzing patients.

Beyond the accolades lies the team’s pulsating passion for efficiency, a driving force in every endeavor. From recruiting the best minds to daily operations, this team doesn’t just innovate; it passionately redefines the dialysis landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

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Capable teams and revolutionary products get recognized by those who understand. ChicagoDynamix is proud to have received awards from notable organizations and institutions.

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