Salahuddin Khan

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

M. Salahuddin Khan joined Byonyks, Inc. as Chief Technology Officer in January 2022. M. Salahuddin Khan is an executive with an uncommon talent for marketing, strategy, technology, communication, and product design; disciplines to which he has brought a creative, analytical, and yet practical approach. He’s the inventor and/or co-inventor on 4 US Patents with others pending. He is the co-designer of an award-winning line (SALAGAR) of active self-amplified loudspeakers and the creator of several award-winning, environmentally friendly packaging designs of durable goods.

As Chief Technology Officer of Byonyks, Salahuddin leads their team of almost 50 engineers in the development of low-cost peritoneal dialysis machines, supporting accessories, and disposables. Byonyks aims to combine dramatic improvements in access to “bloodless” dialysis for many parts of the developing world, coupled with truly game-changing approaches to system design and manufacture delivering a competitive advantage in the markets of the developed world.

In addition to his professional achievements, he found a creative vent for his communication skills when in 2010 he wrote “SIKANDER”, a work of historical fiction published in July of that year. SIKANDER has been hailed as a South Asian “Gone with the Wind” beginning with the 2010 Los Angeles Book Festival in Hollywood, CA, where it won the outright GRAND PRIZE among both fiction and non-fiction titles, this book has gone on to win several national and international awards.”
M. Salahuddin Khan received a BSc Hons,  in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the University of South Hampton.