Michael Wollowitz

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Michael Wollowitz is known for his expertise in design and development, particularly in the fields of medical technology and mechanical systems. One of his  ground-breaking achievements is the design and development of a compact medical infusion system. This innovative device combines exceptional accuracy and reliability with reduced manufacturing costs, earning Michael a patent.
Michael’s dedication to improving lives is evident in his contribution to the development of a low-cost fall-detector system. Specifically designed to protect elderly.

Michael’s dedication to improving lives is evident in his contribution to the development of a low-cost fall-detector system. Specifically designed to protect elderly individuals at home, this project received a Federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant. Michael’s expertise played a crucial role in creating an affordable and effective solution for ensuring the safety of vulnerable populations.
His engineering prowess was instrumental in the development and fabrication of mechanical and electrical systems for an automated X-ray inspection system used by the US Army. As a subcontractor to JDLL Inc., Michael’s work led to the delivery of eighteen operational systems, conducting over two million inspections with minimal downtime. Mike’s ability to create cost-effective solutions is showcased in his design and development of systems for the delivery of intravenous antibiotics. These systems, initially developed for Partners HealthCare, replace expensive IV pumps while significantly reducing costs and maintenance requirements. Sigma Pumps LLC and Baxa Corp recognized the value of Michael’s designs, putting them into production

He has also made significant contributions to industrial test systems for Quality Engineering Associates Inc. These comprehensive designs, including part handling systems, automated instrument positioning systems, and enclosures, support ultrasonic, electrostatic, and optical inspection systems in the digital printing industry
Collaborating with CIMIT, Michael successfully developed a compact and robust medical kiosk system prototype for off-site diagnostics within a strict timeline. His technical acumen also contributed to the design of a prototype monitoring system for high-density laboratory mouse cages, enabling comprehensive data collection for medical research.

As part of a development team, Michael played a key role in designing a wearable medical-status monitor for the US Army. His critical analysis, design, and testing of various components, including acoustic and vibration sensors, resulted in an ergonomic and user-friendly device. In collaboration with Sigma Pumps LLC, Michael developed a novel pump mechanism for a small, battery-powered medical pump. This patent-pending mechanism offers improved pumping accuracy and lower power consumption, contributing to advancements in medical technology.
Michael’s proficiency extended to the design and installation of a mechanical upgrade package for a large CAT-Scan system used in inspecting solid fuel rocket motors. This project involved extensive coordination with electronic and software developers, enhancing the system’s performance.

Mr. Wollowitz’s impressive accomplishments demonstrate his ability to create innovative, cost-effective, and reliable solutions across various domains. His work has had a positive impact on medical technology, patient care, and industrial applications, showcasing his commitment to engineering excellence.

Mr. Wollowitz received his MS in Mechanical Massachusetts Institute of Technology.