The Plan

Why is the market “screaming” for innovation in home peritoneal dialysis?

The current state of treatment of end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) has not seen enough significant improvement for decades resulting in poor mortality/morbidity for patients, and high costs for payors to include taxpayers.  It is a $120 Billion industry using a 40-year-old technology. 

Dialysis consumes 7% of the entire Medicare budget to care for 1.3% of the population with ESKD.  There are currently 475,000 individuals with ESKD on dialysis in the US, only 13% of whom are on home dialysis. Home peritoneal dialysis delivers quality outcomes and improved quality of life saving approximately $15,000 less per annum than in-center hemodialysis. These facts led to the landmark Kidney Health executive order in 2019 under HHS Secretary Azar calling for 80% of ESKD patients to be either transplanted or managed by home dialysis.  This has been translated into the ESRD treatment choices (ETC) model which includes Financial incentives to foster the transition to home dialysis.

Taken together, the Byonyks solution is perfectly timed for a major surge in the use of peritoneal dialysis.  The drivers combining to ensure Byonyks’ success in meeting this demand are a powerful consortium of Centers for Medicare Services, at-risk ESKD insurance plans, dialysis providers, and of course, most importantly the patient who desires and deserves better care.  Patients want choice and will choose the therapy that provides the best treatment with a superior device.